How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password.

Are you connected with safaricom home fibre? If you are not you can get connected by calling this number 0797669121 for immediate connection. If you are already using the safaricom home fibre, you can change the default username and password for your wifi by following the following instractions. 1.Access your router by typing the following […]

Caching and Compression with Gzip(.htaccess)

Caching is whereby a browser downloads a web page files and saves for use later when the page is visited again.This usually helps in improving the speed of your websites loadtime. We achieve caching using htaccess with this code snippet: Compression using Gzip Another way of improving your websites speed is by compressing files.Compression reduces […]

10 Ways to Monitise Your Website.

If you have a website that is getting some good amount of traffic and you are wondering how that traffic will get you some money then these are the ways you can benefit from that traffic. 1.Google adsence. Once you signeup with google adsence,it provides you with options to chose types of ads you want […]

10 factors to consider when choosing a hosting package for your website.

Servers Operating System We have 2 types of Operating systems commonly used with servers.Linux O.S and Windows O.S. The Server side language you have used to build your system will determine the type of Operating system to use.If you are using microsofts ASP.NET your right O.S to use will be a Windows Operating system,for those […]

Why You Should Get Your Business Online Now

Whether you are running a small business in town or you provide catering services,your business needs to get online,most of the users can get to access you even when you are sleeping or doing other chores,here are the main reasons to have a website: 1. Improving Your Company Image This alone should be enough reason […]