10 factors to consider when choosing a hosting package for your website.

Uxtcloud web hosting
  1. Servers Operating System

We have 2 types of Operating systems commonly used with servers.Linux O.S and Windows O.S.

The Server side language you have used to build your system will determine the type of Operating system to use.If you are using microsofts ASP.NET your right O.S to use will be a Windows Operating system,for those using PHP a linux operating system is the one to use.

2. Storage space

The storage space you chose should be able to accomodate all your websites files.For a simple basic website you may need a storage space of atleast 15Gb for storage while for a large website like an e-commerce you may need a storage space of about 200GB and above.


bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transfered in a single amount of time,usually expressed as bits per second(bps).

The amount of traffic you get on your site,your page sizes will determine the amount of bandwidth you require.For a simple blog with a 2kb page size ,1000 visitors per day and 2 page views per visitor will require about 8.5GB of bandwidth per month.

4. Backup services.

You never know when your site will be attacked by a virus or accedental lose of data.You need a web hosting that has atleast a weekly backup plan or a nightly backup plan.

5.Disk types.

Two types of Disks used are Hard Disk Drives(HDD) and Solid State Drives(SSD).

HDD uses arms to read and write data to drives and therefor they are slow and prone to failures.

SSD drives has dispensed with moving parts completely and stores data on interconnected flash memory chips.This makes SSD drives to be 30% faster than HDD drives and not prone to failures.


The security of your business website is as important as the security of business premises.Any hosting package should have SSL certificates and Site lock options for security of your website.

An SSL certificate secures the information being transfered from your website and authentication.Sensitive information like Credit card numbers need not to be visible to malicious attackers.

Site lock helps in scanning and removing of malicious codes from your websites code.


The hosting package should have a 24/7 online support incase you get stack in the process of uploading of your website,updating of website or any other process you may carry out on your website.


The hosting package should ensure that your website is 99.9% up so that clients visiting the website never misses any updates and services on your website.

9.Number of domains.

Your hosting package should allow you to host more than 2 domains so that you can save on hosting cost.

10.Number of emails addresses.

The number of customised email addresses allowed on the package should be enough to create email addresses for your staff.The email configurations should allow you to intergrate with email applications like outlook.

At Uxtcloud we have packaged our services to ensure that we give you all this requirements in every package.Email us at info@uxtcloud.com or call us at 0717954350 for more information.