10 Ways to Monitise Your Website.

10 ways to monitise your website.

If you have a website that is getting some good amount of traffic and you are wondering how that traffic will get you some money then these are the ways you can benefit from that traffic.

1.Google adsence.

Once you signeup with google adsence,it provides you with options to chose types of ads you want displayed on your website and a code that you can insert in your website code and when people click on the ad you get payed.

This method is popularly known as Pay per click.

2.Affiliate marketing.

This is promoting other peoples products on your website.You can do this by agreeing with the business the percentage of money they will be giving you from the sells coming from your website.

3.Sell banner space.

Banner spaces advertise companies products and services.You can sell spaces on your website to enable companies advertise through your website.

4.Write product reviews.

You can write reviews about a product or service that is related to your website,you can do this through reaching out to companies that manufacture or develop those products and offering to review them at a fee.

Some of the products that can be reviewed include car models, softwares ,music systems ,house plans e.t.c

5.Sell a digital product.

Sell a digital product,what are digital products?Examples of digital products include:Music,Photographs, Softwares ,Sound effects.

If you are good in music you can start selling your music to your traffic and make some good amount of money.

6.Post sponsored content.

A sponsored content is in form of a blog post,a company may pay you to write a good review about their products and services,a customer viewing this may not know that its a sponsored post and therefore he is more likely to purchase the product.

You can decide on the payment model with the company.

7.Become a consultant.

Are you an expert in your field,offer payed consultation to people on your website or allow people to book time with you.

In this area you must be an experienced expert in your field and offer profesional consultation.

8.Create a membership website.

Among the services you provide on your website,create premium ones and provide to members who have only payed for membership on your website.This will make your customers pay for memberships and get you money.

9.Start a job board.

A job board in your area of interest may get you some money by making customers pay for job applications or offering resume creation services.

10.Sell your website.

Lastly, Is your website high valued,you can auction your website for sell either in your local area or you can try Flippa.