How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password.

Uxt home fibre team

Are you connected with safaricom home fibre? If you are not, you can get connected by calling this number 0797669121 for immediate connection.

If you are already using the safaricom home fibre, you can change the default username and password for your wifi by following the following instractions.

1.Access your router by typing the following ip address in your browser: .Enter the username and password to login to the settings panel.By default the username is Root and password is adminHW.

You can also check this credentials from the bottom of the router.

2.Changing settings.

Once you have logged in,you will be prompted to change your password,this is your login password and not wifi password.

Change your password then navigate to WLAN on topbar menu.Identify SSID name column then change to your favourite name.Identify WPA Preshared Key and change it to your own password.Click on Apply to change the setings,your pc will disconnect from the wifi,you will have to connect again using the password.

3.Restarting your router.

Incase you want to restart your router for rebooting,click on the last menu tab System tools then click on Restart to reboot your router.

NOTE:Do not change any other settings on the router because it may interfere with your connection and speed.