How to Transfer Your Domain To Uxtcloud

Follow the following steps to transfer your domain to uxtcloud.

1.Login to client area of your current domain registrar.

2.Click on Domains.

3.Click on Settings or Spanner like icon.

4.Remove/Disable the domain Registrars Lock.

5.Generate the Auth Code.

6.Login to uxtcloud clientarea.

7.Click on ‘store‘ dropdown and then ‘Transfer domain‘.

8.Enter the Domain Name and the Auth Code.

9.Click on Transfer.

10.Check your email for any email from your current registrar.

11.If you find any email from your current registrar follow the instructions in it.

NOTE:Domain transfer usually takes 5 to 7 days to complete.

For any support feel free to call/text us on 254797669121 or email us on

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